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Regular multivitamins improve brain functionality

Studies find daily consumption of multivitamins can improve the brain functionality in old age people Regular consumption of mineral supplements and multi-vitamins are expected to show improved results in the cognitive brain functioning in the old-age people. A clinical trial that involved thousands of people over the age of 65 years shows that regular multi-vitamins can decrease the cognitive fall for about 60% and in about two whole years, substantial effects can be seen in those people, especially in those who had a history of cardiovascular disease.

However, more research is required in those suffering from Alzheimer and dementia. People dealing with these disorders need to consult the expert before consuming these multi-vitamins. On the brighter side, these supplements had zero effect on both these diseases, according to previous studies.

With rising population of old age people, dementia has become one of the most common diseases with leading health problems but unfortunately there are no medication for its cure. People above 65 dealing with diabetes, high bad cholesterol, and high pressure are at the highest risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer. Earlier research found out that multi-vitamins rich in cocoa extract called flavanols have some serious benefits in the brain functionality of brain.

However, latest studies found out that these do not show any difference on the cognitive performance of the people. But the daily multi-vitamins and mineral supplements have made a difference in improving the cognitive performance and overall of functioning of brain, especially in those dealing with dementia

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