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Respected Stroke Care Added by EMVision Medical Devices

EMVision Medical Devices, situated in Queensland, has expanded its clinical advisory board to include three well-known experts in the field of stroke therapy. Professor Geoffrey Donnan and Professor Stephen Davis, both neurologists, will serve on the board as ex-officio co-chairs of the Australian Stroke Alliance. Dr. Angela Dos Santos, a stroke neurologist and Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) expert, will join them.

The new board members, according to EMVision CEO Dr. Ron Weinberger, will be a valuable addition to the company’s clinical advisors. They provide considerable international stroke care experience and connections, which is critical as we move closer to realising and commercialising our technologies. Professor Donnan is a former president of the World Stroke Organisation and was instrumental in the founding of the World Neurology Foundation.

Last year, he served as chair of the World Congress of Neurology, which was held in Italy. Professor Donnan’s research has demonstrated that brain tissue can survive longer after a stroke and, if saved, can improve clinical results. This study established the foundation for acute stroke treatments. He has a strong interest in ischemic stroke research, having undertaken the first ever clinical studies of clot dissolving medicines (thrombolysis) in Australia and being recognised as an international pioneer in acute stroke trials.

Professor Davis is a neuroscientist at the University of Melbourne who specialises in translational neuroscience. He is the co-chair of the Australian Stroke Alliance and a director of the Melbourne Brain Centre at Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is also a past president of the World Stroke Organisation. His research focuses on acute therapeutics for ischemic stroke and intracerebral haemorrhage, with a special emphasis on the use of sophisticated imaging to guide therapy selection.

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