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San Carlos has been approved of a New Biotech Project

The San Carlos Planning Commission authorized plans for a 100,000-square-foot Biotech building tonight (July 19) and debated a gigantic 1.5 million-square-foot Biotech project, both of which are proposed for the city’s developing Biotech zone on the east side. The commission accepted MBC BioLabs’ proposal for a three-story, 96,175-square-foot life sciences complex at 1030 Brittan Ave., which already has a building at 930 Brittan.

According to Ryan Guibara of Dewey Land Company, the project’s developer, MBC BioLabs, is a life science incubator for Biotech firms to start while getting finance and other resources. Although the parking lot at 1030 Brittan was removed, some commissioners and a few citizens had concerns about the impact on Pulgas Creek and flooding.

Debbie Baldocchi, a homeowner who lives near the stream, said she and other residents near the creek are concerned about flooding and have had to flee their houses due to flooding. Baldocchi was suspicious of MBC’s request to pave a little closer to the creek than usual. However, according to Guibara, the current parking lot is already near the stream. Therefore, MBC only needs to fix the asphalt so that fire engines and other emergency vehicles may use it.

MBC, according to resident Laura Teutschel, respects the creek and is in favor of the initiative. However, residents and commissioners were concerned about the environmental impact of the other project the commission evaluated tonight, Alexandria Real Estate. The six-story Biotech campus, with a total area of 1.5 million square feet, will be located at 987 Commercial Street, between Old County Road, Commercial Street, Industrial Road, and Pulgas Creek.

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