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Soda Health Visions to Create Healthier America

Soda Company is a new health service provider company launched just today. The newly established company pursues a better aligned and personalized provision of supplemental benefits. Soda Health has received an encouraging response with financial aid from multiple organizations. For instance, Lightspeed Venture Partners, along with Define Ventures jointly spearheaded the seed funding round. During this they raised $6 million. Qiming Partners USA also contributed to the seed funding.

The company is addressing the most rigid challenges associated with providing reimbursement for goods and services. These services typically encompass the ones that hold utmost importance for achieving good health.Soda Health aims to root out this problem by ensuring easier access to benefits. The company’s health plans will be provided via a technology platform offering cost-effective administration of benefits.

A highly sustained management is paramount to identify and eliminate any health inequities, according to Lynne Chou O’Keefe, founder of Define Ventures. Define ventures is enthusiastic of the potential Soda Health poses in reducing customer friction, and increasing utilization. The investments supporting Soda Health in its efforts is to elevate engagement, and re-define healthcare.

The company is offering a technology platform increasing the convenience and smooth reimbursement procedure. Soda Health is expected to contribute its expertise in healthcare sector along with retail, and consumer experience perspective. Backed with the desired knowledge of the industry, the company establishes a strong foundation for developing quality solutions for customers.

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