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Solar Biotech and TurtleTree Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Solar Biotech, directed by industrial biotech expert Alex Berlin, has emerged as a key component in the development of sustainable food tech products. TurtleTree recognised early on that establishing the technologies needed to scale up bio-manufacturing processes was one of the most difficult difficulties facing food tech companies.

TurtleTree is a biotech business with offices in both Singapore and the United States. The company is focused on employing sustainable methods to provide access to the best nutrients in milk. With so many food tech startups popping up, dedicated people and resources to help them reach commercial scale are in short supply. Nature’s perfect instruments for bio-manufacturing are microbes like yeast and fungi.

Precision fermentation employs microbial hosts as cell factories to generate specific beneficial substances in a regulated setting without the need of animals. What occurs in the laboratory is only half of the struggle. At an industrial scale, efficient precision fermentation and product recovery necessitate agility, flexibility, decades of experience, unique multidisciplinary process and equipment engineering, and a well-connected network of bioprocessing and microbial biotech partners, all of which are handled professionally by Solar Biotech.

Many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists anticipate that substantial advances in the lab will lead to the commercialization of bioproducts in the real world. Many ideas, in actuality, face years of obstacles and scaling-up issues, making commercial viability impossible. Traditional fermentation procedures, in which the microbial biomass is the final product, differ significantly from precision fermentation, which necessitates a highly specialised skill set to obtain the precise needed bioproduct created by the microbial host.

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