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STDs spikes getting out of hands in the US

The spike can be seen in cases of STDs in the US, involving the syphilis spike of about 25%. US health officials are calling for additional preventive and treatment initiatives as rates of some sexually transmitted diseases are sharply rising, including a near to 25% increase in new syphilis cases reported in the previous year.

Syphilis virus is a disease usually caused by a bacterium that is formed on the surface as our genital sores and it may even cause a serious issue and lead to symptoms which may cause death, in certain cases. It is important for US to work in order to reconstruct, originate, and also enlarge the prevention methods of STDs in the country. Sexually Transmitted Diseases like syphilis and gonorrhoea are reported to be rising in the country very rapidly.

In 2021, the rate of cases of syphilis has been the maximum ever since 1991. Also, the cases of HIV AIDS have been rising at a extremely fast pace. Officials have, thus, declared rise of STDs being ‘out of control’. They are working on a new concept for this issue, like making at-home testing kits available for infected people, that will help them to identify who is infected and how much prevention is needed.

Another official claimed that people should be well informed about the benefits of the use of condoms or other preventive measures for limiting or even preventing the spread of the virus. An expert of Alabama university said that it is quite clear that STDs are transmitted only and only when the intimation is unprotected. Hence, people need to use condoms and have protected sex in order to prevent the spread

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