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Supporters Override Oklahoma State Pharma Bill

At the Oklahoma State Capitol, legislators are about to start the final week of their session. All of the significant duties seemed to have been completed with the budget passing through the Oklahoma State Senate late last week and being approved by the governor, but a few loose ends were tied up. Will there be a veto override on Senate Bill 821 in one of them?

Greg Piatt of the Oklahoma Pharmacist Association said, “Senate Bill 821 allows an individual in Oklahoma to choose their pharmacy. That’s as basic as the bill is.” Last week, independent pharmacists from Oklahoma State flocked to the Oklahoma Capitol to sing the bill’s virtues. They claim that several pharmaceutical benefit administrators are currently directing their customers to huge chain pharmacies.

According to reports, the regular Oklahoman pays the same price, but the manager makes a significant payment to the chain drugstore on the side, often up to ten times the cost of the medications. They claim that it will drive independent pharmacies out of business and limit access to Oklahomans.

The law breezed through the Oklahoma State House and Senate with ease. Governor Kevin Stitt, though, vetoed the bill late last month. Larger self-insured firms, according to Stitt, would confront too much red tape. Some members of the legislature concur with the governor. Some argue that the bill places too many restrictions on mail-order prescription medications, harming Oklahomans.

Will the law be put to the vote to override the governor after it cleared both chambers with veto-proof majorities? Supporters of the bill are scheduled to push senators this week in an attempt to get it passed.

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