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Teladoc Disagrees that Amazon is a Threat to Teladoc Currently

Teladoc disagrees that Amazon is a threat to Teladoc. Responding to the question about new competitors entering technology domain, Amazon CEO, ason Gorevic said, even if Amazon currently has one enterprise client of 385 employees, the company is overrated.

Amazon had recently signed up its first client in May, Peloton Interactive, Inc. It is an exercise equipment company.The merchandising giant has recently signed a deal with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan. However, Jason Gorevic says the merchandise has even more opportunities ready to be explored.

Amazon Care is all set to expand its employee strength in 50 states by the end of this summer. The company has added employees faster as much as 500,000 in 2020. Amazon has recently collaborated with Crossover Health. The deal would enable the setting up of in-person health clinics. Also, J.P. Morgan has been emerging stronger in the health care industry. It is planning to offer 165,000 jobs to the people.

Gorevic told the news agency, telehealth is the future, and its’ Teladoc is emerging in this sector. Teladoc has included mental health treatment in its telehealth services to the patients. Gorevic said that virtual care indicates that it is here to stay regardless of virtual cares’ stay at the home phenomenon. They are governing told to the media that healthcare consumers are overwhelmed by telehealth services, websites, and apps. The company is seeing multiple product bookings, he added.

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