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Telehealth Could Not Hamper Inequity, Says Becerra

The top health officials of HHS and VA are signaling their support to telemedicine in the long term. However, they urge for proper use of the new tech developments in health. The high officials of HHS and VA have indicated their support for telemedicine.The U.S states have moved to develop new laws relating to Telehealth expansion. However, the federal government has not expressed its views on expanding post-covid.

During a live event held by a news agency, Becerra stated that he would support the efforts to utilize in more extraordinary ways. Telehealth should be available for all U.S citizens, he added.During the conference, he pointed that the Biden administration is in support of expanding beyond pandemic. The Biden administration is in support of safeguarding telemedicine access even after the pandemic.

During the conference, he emphasized the significance of making Telehealth available for everyone. Making quality broadband services available for better telemedicine access is necessary, he pointed out.Becerra, at the event, was asked about the that is exacerbating inequities. He said they would take every essential step to cover all the Americans for access.

He said the HHS would ensure that the care providers provide the services to everyone, including better quality treatment and better quality services.Meanwhile, the VA higher official also discussed the company’s view on Telehealth. The official stated that it would support the service even after the pandemic. It revealed that it is taking efforts to pivot access.

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