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The Beauty Biotech Company Saving Oceans

This article intends to address the Beauty companies inclined towards saving our oceans. One of the most significant Biotech initiatives addressed in the article is the One Ocean Beauty Company successfully pioneering what is known as the Blue Beauty Industry.

Blue Beauty is a concept defining the clean industry without compromising the ocean ecosystem and boosting the utilization of reef-safe ingredients avoiding the application of non-reef safe ingredients. Sunscreens are the most crucial beauty products with a particular emphasis on enhancing the utilization of reef-safe ingredients.

The utilization of non-reef safe ingredients such as oxybenzone, octinoxate conventionally used in sunscreens has been known to affect the life of corals and damage coral reef.The clean industry is encouraging utilization of reef-safe ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are not associated with any hazard to the ocean ecosystem and do not cause coral bleaching.In addition, the growing focus on zero-waste packaging is propelled by the observations of the World Wild Life Organization. The establishment of One Ocean Beauty in 2018 initiated a movement indicating sustainability to be the core of the company with state-of-the-art biotechnology, revolutionary, and benevolent partnerships along with delivering superior-quality skincare products.

One of the popular products offered by One Ocean is their Replenishing Deep Sea Daily Moisturizer, known for the exclusive formulation of the product. It is composed of cryoprotective marine actives along with wakame extract.The recent acquisition of the One Ocean Beauty by Present Life is considered to be a boon by the CEO Sheila Chaiban in acquiring resources and capital for growing the infrastructure and enhancing their commitment to the ocean life.

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