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The New Era of Meatless Meat Industry & Consumer Approach

The current food and agriculture industries are witnessing massive inclination of consumers towards healthier products. Consumers across the United States are growing more aware of the health and environmental implications of the excessive meat-producing industries. Many larger organizations have established an initiative to adopt a Meatless diet as a part of animal welfare.

A new category of food products has emerged more popular than ever in the past 20 years. This includes organic foods, natural foods, non-GMO products, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free products, and many more catering to the nutritional aspects of consumers. Meatless meat is the new trend in the food industry. It attributes meat-like properties without actually being derived from animal meat.

The industry claims that the new Meatless meat is alike and better, and healthier than animal meat. A plant-based diet has gained a massive rate of adoption in the past few years and therefore proposes ideal demand for meat products. Companies producing plant-based meat claim to add zero animal hormones or antibiotics to their product and are GMO-free.

Meatless meat differs from lab-grown meat in terms of the latter factor. Lab-grown meat production relies heavily on GMO concepts along with a synthetic cell growth medium. Therefore, lab-grown meat does not claim to be an entirely natural process or product. Extensive research on the benefits of plant-based meat products suggests that their consumption negates the risks proposed by red meat consumption, such as obesity or heart diseases.

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