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The Robotic Arm of a Biotech is designed to make Human Tissue

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences has been working on a Robotic arm to produce living tissue for years. Meet the BioAssemblyBot 500 (abbreviated as BAB500). After listening to customer needs, the company designed its latest BioAssemblyBot model to be housed inside a sterile biosafety cabinet. The BAB500 is one of five products competing for the New Hampshire Tech Alliance’s Product of the Year award, which will be announced on Oct. 28. Advanced Solutions, established in Kentucky, has a subsidiary in Manchester’s Millyard, partnered with Manchester inventor Dean Kamen’s Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute.

Previously, the six-axis Robotic arm had to be housed in a clean lab, which isn’t always available and can be expensive to construct and secure. The biosafety cabinet now ensures a sterile environment. The product now produces tissues that have been successfully tested in animals and used in research. The primary goal is to create tissue for humans, although it is unclear when this will be accomplished on a large scale.

The BAB500 may be used to create tissue using 3-D bioprinting to understand better medications, liver toxicity, and heart arrhythmia, among other things. According to the company, bioprinting can create structures that can sustain life. “We’ve made human liver tissue with it. We’ve made bone,” Hoying said. “We have customers who are working on a tubular replacement for a trachea.”

It took 75,000 hours of engineering and scientific research and development to create the gadget. The BAB500 also includes design tools and other features to assist customers in the advancement of bioprinting. Without worrying about shipping and storing living tissues, synthetic tissues can construct models for new drug discovery and study. One example is a tumor disease model for research.

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