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Tjoapack Acquires U.S. Pharma Packaging Solutions

Tjoapack is a Netherland based contract packaging firm catering to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry globally. The U.S. based organization recently gained control over the American packaging company Pharma Packaging Solutions.

Pharma Packaging Solutions (PPS) headquartered in Clinton, Tennessee, is a prominent leader of the healthcare packaging service sector. PPS is a commercial provider of healthcare packaging and other complementary services. For instance, the company also specialized in cod chain storage, stability, maintenance, and product retainment services for an array of medical devices, and pharmaceutical industry customers. The company has been well-versed in catering to customer needs strengthening the provider and customer relations with a streamlined service deployment.

PPS’s acquisition by Tjoapack allows a solid opportunity for the emergence of a new global leader in contract packaging and supply chain focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. the acquisition is perfectly aligned with’ growth and expansion strategy, said Dexter Tjoa, CEO of Tjoapack. Tjoa added that it reflects upon the company’s commitments to its loyal customers.

Tjoapack and PSS both have a common ground in creating a customer-centric mindset that renders higher service quality with agility and flexibility. It ultimately enables both the organizations to offer tailored solutions to clients.Through this acquisition the companies will establish a foothold in Europe as well as the U.S. It will corroborate that the customer’s products are accessible to the patients in need from anywhere and at any time. With operations across two nations, patients will be provided with the essential healthcare products and services.

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