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TurtleTree Team up with Solar Biotech to Expand Production

TurtleTree is a biotechnology start-up based in U.S. and Singapore. The company has partnered with the industrial biomanufacturing expert Solar Biotech. The two are now aiming to scale up cell-based milk ingredients manufacturing.

Solar Biotech is based in Norton, Virginia, spearheaded by the industrial biotech specialist Alex berlin. The company specializes in bring benchtop bioproducts to industrial bioprocessing commercial scale with the help of proprietary technology and solar energy. This partnership is a crucial step for TurtleTree as the food industries currently struggle with associated processing technologies. Small-scale as well as large-scale food companies encounter the biggest challenge when trying to scale-p production.

TurtleTree recognizes the opportunity to grow parity within the traditional food production methods and associated costs. Introducing highly advanced and superior technologies in food-grade bioprocessing facilities is the current need of the market and often lacking. TurtleTree is successfully backed by Green Monday Ventures along with Prince Khaled’s LBW Ventures, followed by others. This is progressing the company’s attempts to bring its ‘clean milk’ products into the market.

Many other players in the cell-based field are also scaling up their production. For instance, cell-cultured salmon-producing start-up Wildtype is opening its new pilot plant in San Francisco. Solar Biotech is not the first of TurtleTree partnerships.In recent times, the food biotech start-up partnered with Dyadic International, a global biotechnology company that works to lower production costs. The distributive effort will see TurtleTree focused on lab-scale R&D and sustainable food supply chain while Solar Biotech will deliver processing technologies.

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