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U.S Federal Government Data is the Key to Improve Supply Chain Resilience in Pharmaceuticals

The White House recommended boosting local production, promote research and development activities, and build robust management. The federal government, including other federal agencies, released a series of policy recommendations. The recommendations are aimed at addressing the vulnerabilities faced by the market players in the pharmaceutical supply Chain.The U.S president, earlier in February, has ordered the government to identify the risks in the pharma sector to address the vulnerabilities and design strategies to boost the supply operations across the pharma sector.

For economic prosperity as well as national & health security in the U.S, the pharmaceutical supply Chain are essential. But the covid-19 revealed how vulnerable the pharmaceutical supplyis.  The U.S administration identified numerous vulnerable areas in the pharmaceutical supply such as manufacturing, private markets, international competition, limited international coordination. The administration highlighted multiple drivers of supply vulnerability across industries, including the insufficient U.S.

Manufacturing capacity, private market focus on short-term returns; international competitiveness; geographic concentration in global sourcing, and limited international coordination. The U.S administration will have to make concerted efforts to improve all the aforementioned areas stated in the report.According to the data in the records, the American people in the previous year faced a significant shortage in N95 respirators and masks. Thus it was a challenge to protect the essential workers and others.

Also, this year there is a shortage of medicines and medical supplies. According to Woodcock, this is the right time to increase the resilience of the U.S drug supply Chain. Most importantly, the report pointed out that a robust surveillance system is necessary to enhance information and data. According to the report, the U.C administration has recommended the stakeholders use commercial data sources. The commercial data source can be used to identify risks in the pharma supply Chain.

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