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US to Donate Majority of the COVID-19 Doses to Other Countries

As per the trusted reports, the government of the USA, run by president Joe Biden has claimed to share the majority of the donated doses of COVID-19 vaccine COVAX.

Under the program led by the World Health Organization, the vaccine shots are provided as needed to the countries, stated the White House, recently.The US government has planned to donate at least 20 million COVID-19 doses of vaccines manufactured by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.Further, the government is planning to donate 60million of doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccines, after its approval in the United States.

As per the credible reports, the country plans to allocate 75% of the vaccine through a WHO lead, vaccine-sharing program. From the first of the 25 million allocated doses, 6 million of those will be exported to the countries in the South and Central part of America. Further, Asia will receive around 7 million doses, whereas Africa will get 5 million doses, stated the White house. Moreover, over 6 million doses of COVAXIN will be sent to the US allies and other neighboring nations.

Further, around 25% of vaccines will be kept for emergency use for the US among the allocated lot of vaccines.For the countries that are likely to experience a rise in the cases and need vaccines, and the ones asking for immediate assistance from the US, this decision is a welcome change. They have been donating the vaccines to save lives and avoid the emergence of new variants.

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