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WHO concerned regarding Cholera outbreak

The World Health Organization has recently shown concern regarding the Cholera outbreak in the world. WHO has recently reported increasing cases of Cholera worldwide, causing fatalities in around 26 countries, mainly targeting the poor or conflicted regions. Typically every year, around 20 countries reported outbreaks of diseases spread through contaminated water or food.

But after a declining percentage, a concerning surge can be seen in more than 20 countries of .  is a highly poisonous disease that causes intense liquid diarrhea. Usually the symptoms of are visible after 12 hours or within 5 days. But it is so dangerous, it can kill within hours if left untreated. The main cause of developing Cholera is ingesting contaminated water or food.

The average percentage of deaths has now increased by around 3-5%, compared to the five year average, solely in Africa. In Syria, the disease had already caused the death of 35 people. Another concern has been expressed by Asia for Pakistan, as most of it is covered in flood.

Another concern was the limited availability of the vaccine for Cholera. However, WHO claims they have emergency stock available if any country needs it. All in all, the accurate data of the number of active Cholera cases all across the world isn’t available as of yet.

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