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Within Weeks Marin City Pharmacy and Market to be Closed

Residents of Marin City are concerned about the upcoming closure of the CVS pharmacy in the Marin Gateway Shopping Center. Some have regarded it as a severe setback for individuals who have relied on having a pharmacy on site for decades. It was once a Longs Drugs location. “This store appeals to me because it is conveniently located.

Marilyn Bryant, 61, who provides in-home care to two clients in Marin City, said, “You can phone in a script and nearly get it right away.” “Target isn’t prepared to handle the influx of customers.” Laura Hopper, 71, of Marin City, said she learned about the closure from a CVS manager last week when she inquired about a product that was out of stock. The goods would not be offered again because the store was closing down, she was told.

Hopper expressed her surprise. “Everyone we know from Sausalito to Marin City shops there,” Hopper added. “There wasn’t a lot of forewarning.” This is a significant setback for the neighbourhood.” A CVS spokeswoman, Matt Blanchette, confirmed the shop would close on December 22. He said that the store’s closure was not due to the hard work and dedication of his staff.

We understand our neighbours’ and customers’ dissatisfaction with our closing store. We are devoted to the community and will continue to deliver exceptional service in our other locations nearby. Prescriptions would be transferred to a CVS pharmacy within the Target at the Marin Gateway complex, according to Blanchette. He stated that all clients would have continuous service.

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